How Gen Z Should Use LinkedIn

by Evil HR Lady on November 30, 2018

Sure, some recruiters will show up on campus, but most aren’t looking specifically for new grads, so you need to get a way to get your information in front of all these recruiters. You may assume that LinkedIn isn’t the place to be–it’s where your mom looks for a job. But, because it’s where recruiters are, a LinkedIn profile is a great way to make a splash in the professional world, even when you’re inexperienced.

Gen Z is generally well versed in social media, but LinkedIn is a bit different than exchanges with friends.

Tony Restell, Director, Social Media Marketing at Social-Hire recently gave some tips to help college students maximize the benefit of LinkedIn. With his permission, here are Restell’s tips:

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MariaRose December 1, 2018 at 1:02 am

This specific site is supposedly a site to network better across the board and not a per se a social site. It does help to keep in touch with old and new associates from work experience plus give you a way to get in touch with leaders in the fields beyond your normal area. As stated in the article, it is not a place to have interpersonal conversations other than business related. I actually was able to keep in touch with long-lost relatives who use this site and able to encourage their developing enterprises with references. But I don’t do social on this site.


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