What HR Tech Leaders Say about HR 2019

What will Human Resources look like in 2019? Well, it’s not as if we are going to go through some huge renaissance, but it’s an ever-changing field–especially when it comes to tech.

At Unleash (an HR Technology Conference) last fall, I grabbed some industry leaders and got a few words about their vision for HR in 2019. Here’s what they said:

Mary Ellen Slayter, Owner Rep Cap: What I hope is going to happen is that HR stops being dragged behind in terms of digital transformation and take their rightful place leading it.

Andy Campbell, HCM Strategy Director at Oracle: If 2018 was the year of the robot, then 2019 is likely to be the year of the algorithm. The initial hype over AI and machine learning will be replaced by greater scrutiny over issues such as addressing unconscious bias and ensuring true inclusivity. Then this exciting technology will really start to enter the mainstream.

To keep reading the predictions from other industry leaders, click here: What HR Tech Leaders Say about HR 2019W

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2 thoughts on “What HR Tech Leaders Say about HR 2019

  1. Well, that was a certainty interesting article, but what use HR uses of the available technology will depend on how the company/business decides its utilization. It can go either way, making the job easier to hire and enforce rules and regulations without any consideration for human reactions or it can make the job less personable for the employees because everything will be handled via the technology (hiring, paperwork, payroll, filing complaints, etc.). HR job will definitely be changing.

  2. Interesting comments from HR leaders. Not very impressive.

    HR likes to throw around buzzwords like ‘inclusive’ – what does that mean in plain English? Is it measurable?

    Digital Transformation? Do these folks know what that means? Have them explain it.

    A ‘skills gap’? Um ok, does that mean enough people aren’t graduating from college, or is it an admission that companies no longer train people for success?

    People Analtyics? AI? Hahaha. They must be joking. Most HR departments can’t even get beyond using their ATS and Career portal as a crutch for recruitment. Pro Tip: keyword searching is not recruitment.

    These folks have shown just how bad their respective HR strategy and practices really are. Cringeworthy.

    Not much has changed in the last 20 years, eh?

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