Coronavirus May Already Be Affecting Your Business

by Evil HR Lady on February 3, 2020

You don’t work in China. Your customers aren’t in China. So, the Coronavirus isn’t affecting your business. Or, so we’d like to think. But, Coronavirus seems to be making everything it touches sick–including small businesses.

As of this morning, Coronavirus has killed 362 people, including one in the Philippines, and sickened 17,000. It sounds terrifying, which it is. But, nothing in comparison to the regular flu, which killed (according to the CDC) over 62,000 people in the 2018-2019 flu season. Coronavirus is an unknown instead of a cyclical disease, and for those it infects, it has a higher mortality rate. It’s no laughing matter.

But, it’s also not something that affects only Chinese people, which some places are not figuring out.

Others have reported rudeness towards Chinese looking people, which hopefully won’t grow into violence. There’s nothing about your race or ethnicity that makes you susceptible to the virus. What makes you susceptible is being around someone else who has had it.

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