You Don’t Need a Job Candidate’s Social Security Number at the Application Stage

by Evil HR Lady on February 25, 2020

You need your employes’ social security numbers. Employers are one of the few organizations that really need social security numbers, as you have to pay employees, withhold taxes, and pay taxes. It’s important that you have it.

But, it’s not important that you have the social security number of job applicants. You don’t need it at the application stage. Yet, many businesses ask for it in the application stage.

A reader sent me a link to a job application for a reputable company. It included this information about social security numbers:

We use information collected from applications for employment online to make employment decisions. Your Social Security number provided in an online employment application will be used to identify your records, and for background checks and other requests for information about you from employers, schools, banks, and others who know you, to the extent allowed by law. The information we collect using your Social Security number will be used for employment purposes and also for studies and statistics that will not identify you. We also may provide information we collect about you from online employment applications to federal, state, and local agencies to check on any violations of the law or for other legal purposes. Providing your Social Security number is voluntary and you may refuse. However, we cannot process your application, which is the first step toward obtaining employment with us, if you do not provide us with this information.

In other words, we’ll do whatever we want with your social security number, and you can’t apply without giving it to us. I mean, what studies? What statistics? That’s pretty vague.

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