Don’t Fire Someone for Their Spouse’s Social Media Posts

by Evil HR Lady on June 8, 2020

Racism is bad.

All my readers (I hope) agree.

There are racists.

We also all agree.

If you are a horrible person, even off the job or on social media, you may lose your job. With a few exceptions, there is no right to free speech at work in the private sector.

But, if your spouse is a horrible person, should you also lose your job?

LA Galaxy terminated soccer player Aleksandar Katai after racist posts his wife, Tea Katai, made on Instagram.

The posts were inappropriate, racist, and inflammatory in a time when everyone is on edge. She shouldn’t have posted them.

But Aleksandar isn’t the lord and master over his wife. This isn’t 1453 when women were property and husbands were accountable for their wives’ actions. She’s an adult. He’s an adult. He condemned what she wrote, saying that he condemns what she said.

His employer, LA Galaxy, still terminated him.

We can all agree that racism is bad without punishing family members of people who say and do bad things. We are not North Korea. We should not be using Stasi tactics. There should be no guilt by association. We do not hold husbands accountable for their wives’ actions, or vice versa. Getting married does not do away with your ability to think and act independently.

Holding someone accountable for their own social media posts, fine. Holding someone accountable for their spouse’s posts is a road we don’t want to go down. Ever.

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