Performance Appraisal? Check.

Well, I’ve finally had my yearly performance appraisal. I am, of course, a wonderful employee. (Would you expect anything less from me? Afterall, I am evil and I am in HR, so of course it’s a perfect match.)

My boss did point out one, umm, less than perfect area: I’m too negative.

While you ponder on that, I will tell you that yesterday I took the Offspring to a birthday party. Twenty 3 and 4 year olds in a small house with the heat on and a Sleeping Beauty look alike who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket actually had me thinking, while walking down the stairs, “you know, if I fell down these stairs and broke my leg, I could leave this nightmare early.”

Anyway, my boss said that I’m a little too negative. I don’t know where on earth she gets that idea.

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9 thoughts on “Performance Appraisal? Check.

  1. well, here’s my take on it. i don’t think you’re negative at all. i think you’re honest.

    then again, you might not want to listen to me too much on this. see, i’m cynical and jaded according to my boss. but he can’t stand to tell anyone no.

    and they don’t call me the terminatrix for nothing (although, i don’t usually actually fire anybody….not my fault if they figured out they weren’t a good fit and quit, right?)……

    and my mother calls me the ‘wicked witch of the midwest’, so….hmmm….

    glad your review went well. which we all suspected it would.

    all the best!

  2. Deb,

    I think you and I have the same outlook. In one breath my boss said that I had a great ability to see the big picture and that I was too negative. I suggested that it was because the big picture is unpleasant.

    I related to her some of the phenomenally stupid things I had seen and while she couldn’t disagree with me she insisted I needed to be more positive.

    I see her point. And so I am going to try to be more positive at work–just not on the blog.

  3. Someone has to provide balance from all those rainbows and butterflies.

    Has the world all of a sudden turned into a cheer-leading team or what?

  4. I agree with you about the birthday party. But look on the bright side: In 15 years, you’ll be packing her stuff into the jalopy and sending her off to college.

    Nick Kasoff
    The Thug Report

  5. She said–we wouldn’t want to hurt the executives self esteem by criticizing their ideas, would we?

    Nick–So help me, whoever thought that kids that young need birthday parties that large should be hung by their toes.

  6. oh absolutely, hr lady. probably a similar point of view. see…i think you deserve extra points just for going to a children’s birthday party to begin with. i’m sure i could have come up with much worse answers for how to get away early.

    you probably never thought simon cowell was mean either, did you? i didn’t.

    all the best!

  7. Deb–

    Given that I haven’t seen American Idol since its first season, what I can say is I think Simon is unnecessarily harsh, but is he just mean? Probably not.

    But I haven’t seen it for several years.

  8. Too negative would be thinking “you know, if I fell down these stairs and broke my leg, I could leave this nightmare early but with my luck it would be a compound fracture which would pain me for years.”

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