Why Won’t The Recuiter Get Back to Me?

So, you’ve interviewed and now you wait. And wait. And wait some more. Why won’t the [bad word] recruiter get back to you? Here’s why.

Oh, and recruiters, I’d love to hear your take on this, either here or at BNET.

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4 thoughts on “Why Won’t The Recuiter Get Back to Me?

  1. Oooh, I'm glad you wrote about this. This topic fills me with rage.

  2. As someone who's been an IT contractor for 8 years this has happened to me more than once. The other thing these people fail to understand is that consultants know each other. If you burn us, we'll spread the word you're not trustworthy or reliable. Moreso if you're a client who is late to pay, doesn't pay or is otherwise unpleasant. I'm in a small metro area so the effect is compounded. Very short sighted of them.

  3. Word has a nifty thing called mail merge that you can use to send out the letters – takes the load off your hands if you want to reply to many people.

    And Taleo, the automated job portal that many companies use, have the option to input form emails that will go out to the candidates individually.

  4. I interviewed for a fairly big internet company who's purpose is to connect people with business contacts. Rhymes with SminkedIn. Anyway I applied and one month later they called to set up an interview. Thought it went pretty well. And then nothing. And nothing. And nothing. I had sent TY notes and followed up and got no response. Over two months later I had written them off when they called me in for a second interview. Went in again, and again, things went well. Sent thank yous. And nothing. And nothing. Sent a follow up. And nothing. And nothing. Never heard from them ever again. Their website is free with some premium options and I'm disinclined to ever sign up for those paid services.

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