I am considered to be an exempt employee for a small company (family owned) with less than 25 employees. I have been working for them for over 10 years now. The original hours worked and paid time off has changed several times over the years but nothing was ever put in writing such as a employee handbook.

The owner wants to deduct for 1/2 day for vacation time for doctors appointment when I left at 2 pm! 1/2 day would be 12 noon not 2 pm. Besides, the time was made up by working late and not taking lunch (I kept personal track of it). He doesn’t treat other employees the same way, which is not right especially since I am the highest paid employee in the company and also bring in the biggest revenues.

My Boss Picks on Me

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4 thoughts on “My Boss Picks on Me

  1. Quite the interesting issue. While, personally, it's sounds like the employee has a bit of an ego. How does he know that the others aren't being treated the same way? He might come up with some interesting results after snooping around a bit. But I do believe that whatever is happening whether it's personal or company wide it'd be wise to talk to your boss about it. That way you'll know exactly why the sudden change in policy.

  2. Yes, you should definitely address these issues with your boss or you will end up getting stressed out over it, especially if you are the only one being treated this way. If he cannot provide any kind of explanation, ask him if he can put his new policies into writing so that all employees will be treated the same. Sometimes a lack of communication is the only problem while you are sitting there thinking the worst!

  3. I'm in agreement with Suzanne. You need to step back and give yourself room to assess the situation rationally and unemotionally. Then, approach it head on by scheduling a meeting with your boss to discuss the "new policies" instead of passive aggressively letting resentment fester.
    The best piece of advice I ever received, which I've been able to apply to many aspects of my life, is "never assume malice."
    If you are one of the most senior and productive employees at the company, another possibility is that your boss holds you to higher standards and is more likely to make an example of you because he sees you as a role model to the other employees.

  4. By docking your pay for leaving early, by FLSA rules, he has turned you from and exempt employee to a non-exempt employee and you are now entitled to overtime now and for any hours worked in the past.
    I smell a law suit in the making.

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