Is It Time To Ask For a Raise?

You haven’t had a promised raise and the company still isn’t performing at high levels, can you ask for a raise? A better question–Should you ask for a raise?

Is It Time To Ask For a Raise?

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2 thoughts on “Is It Time To Ask For a Raise?

  1. I'm the OP on this one – thank you for answering my question! The $7000 promise was made by a showboat-y boss who didn't seem so showboat-y when I interviewed for the job. I realize now that I should have asked for more when I accepted, but it was my first corporate job out of grad school (not an excuse, of course, I realize now), and I hadn't been reading your blog back then!

    At my 3-month initial performance review, my supervisor gave me a fantastic review, and I've been told since that I am one of the company's 'top performers'.

    In the last week, I now have a new boss who said I won't be having a performance review now until Feb. 1, at which time my pay will increase $2/hr. So a bit of a raise, which is nice, although I would have liked a performance review now, at the 1 year mark. But I understand these things aren't always implemented all that strictly in small companies (9 people) like this.

    Thanks again for your advice!

  2. Hi Suzanne! I viewed the link, thanks so much. I just wonder, what if the company I'm working for is paired with an online payroll services? Will our HR department will have to make adjustments there as well? Our boss considered outsourcing payroll so that he can focus more on non-financial matters of the company. Do I need to talk to the HR person first? I'll appreciate some help. Thanks!

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