When the CEO refuses to stop dishonesty

Dear Evil HR Lady,

Your most recent post about plagiarism reminded me about the CEO of the company I’m working for right now. The company is an online seller and I have to say that some (if not most) of the products we sell are from questionable sources. There isn’t a single day that goes by that an employee from logistics or from other departments send an email saying that an item was found with a questionable label or that the packaging seems to contain some familiar words and names. Like very familiar names.

So eventually, someone in the department sent an email to the CEO along with a list of recommended actions to be taken in order to stop and prevent such practices – and at least give the company some dignity in front of our customers.

CEO said no action should be taken unless someone files a complaint. So right now, the company’s products are all there for the whole World Wide Web to see. I’m not really surprised by his decision actually. I found another website that copied our content (half of which I wrote) verbatim and all he said was “It happens.”

So what advice would you give to an employee like me when it’s the Big Enchilada himself setting the standard for such despicable ethics?

Thanks for any advice you can give.

To read the answer click here:  When the CEO refuses to stop dishonesty

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  1. Can’t read the articles on your blog. The link takes me to the mobile version of the cbsnews site and then displays thei index page. Very annoying.

    1. I’m so sorry. I’ll let the technical people at CBS know about the problem with the mobile site and links.

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