Should work for the family biz be on you resume?

Dear Evil HR Lady,
Is it all right to include my job as an assistant manager for our family business on my resume? My friends are telling me not to. Do recruiters look down on people who worked for family businesses?

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4 thoughts on “Should work for the family biz be on you resume?

  1. Thanks for another spot-on answer. I have to reinforce your points about references. Applicants should find someone to whom they’re not related to list as a reference. If it’s not possible, please tell the interviewer the reference is your father, mother, brother. It’s quite annoying to call a reference only to hear, “oh, she’s my daughter, and she’s wonderful!” Nice to hear your Mom loves you, but doesn’t really do me any good.

    Oh, and your comment about Facebook? Only partially a joke!

    1. Well, it is true that when you put your illegal activities on FB, it makes it easier on us.

    2. I agree, try to get someone who isn’t a relative to be a reference.

      But, won’t the recruiter also wonder how truthful that person is willing to be knowing that they report to the candidate’s parent and could lose their job if they say anything negative?

      I would love to assume that anything said to someone when I give a reference would be kept confidential; however, I know from experience such is not always the case.

      1. Sure. But, there’s no real way around that.

        And it’s one of the many reasons I don’t care for references from people I don’t know. I don’t know what any reference’s motivations are. I don’t know if the person I’m speaking to is the one with the problem or the candidate is the problem.

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