One Thing You Must Do If You Want Your Business to Grow

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I am a marketing manager for three small companies, all owned by the same man. It was originally one company which went bankrupt, so he split it into three separate businesses. The problem is I feel they try to prove that I am dumb and incapable of doing anything and force me to quit my job.

What do I mean? During the past three years that I have worked there, the owner micromanaged his company president and all three of them micromanaged everyone and did not want me to take an initiative, they just gave me “ready food” and asked me to execute. You may understand how this can kill a manager’s mood.

Two months ago I started to press them and ask them to give me free space to take initiative. They seemed to agree and I was doing fine: I improved the ranking of our newly launched e-shop in the 1st page (from the 11th) of Google, sent an email campaign that boosted the sales, but suddenly I felt as someone was playing with me. Instead of giving me more space–at least as a reward for boosting the sales–the bosses started to send me emails with complaints that I do not follow the basic principles (I hadn’t heard of them before) and that I am slow. They required me to keep a schedule of work (I don’t know anyone else in this company who keeps a detailed timetable) I didn’t understand why they chose this moment and this way, written. When I responded in writing, they told me that this is a sign of disrespect.

I feel stuck here,  having to deal with three bosses (one of them son of the owner) and the owner as well trying to prove that I am capable. They now give me directions to make something urgently, I prepare it before the due date, when it’s ready they change the directions totally and then they keep complaining that I am not fast.

Should I keep doing my job? Should I do my job as they want or should I leave? Please help me because I’m starting to lose it!

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