A Wellness Initiative That is Actually Fun

How many steps do you take in a day? If you’re like most Americans, the answer to that question is between around 3,000. If you want to be fit and healthy, that number needs to go up. Way up. Same goes for your employees–your most important asset. But it’s an ongoing challenge for everyone.

Enter Glenn Riseley, President and Founder of the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC). He wanted a way to move beyond temporarily improving fitness and “wellness” in the workplace–to encourage people to make lasting changes. GCC does this through a program where people work in teams of seven, tracking their steps through an electronic device over 16 weeks, counting each step in a virtual race around the world. I had the opportunity to interview Glenn about how to help people change and how business owners can bring about change in their employees.

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2 thoughts on “A Wellness Initiative That is Actually Fun

  1. My company participated in this the past several years and we LOVED it! Unfortunately, this year, the company opted to go cheap and opt out. We’re all quite disappointed and hope that they get enough feedback that we re-up next year. It was a great experience!

  2. Thinking about your employees health, and, most importantly, doing something to make sure they are and stay healthy is really something.
    It’s doesn’t cost the company much to use gamification in order to keep the health high, but in the long run it will gain a lot more. Less sick days, more productive employees, not to mention, more happy and loyal work force.

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