Quora Flap Exposes What’s Wrong in the Hiring Process (or 5 Mistakes You’re Making When Hiring Millennials)

An engineer got a job offer revoked when he posted to Quora, asking for help in deciding between job offers at Zenefits and Uber. Zenefits CEO Parker Conrad rescinded the offer. Business Insider calls his logic “brilliant.” I agree-it brilliantly shows what is wrong with recruiting today.

When I first heard about this I figured the original engineer’s question had been whiny or attack oriented or insulting to Zenefits or Uber, but, in fact, it wasn’t. It was a well-reasoned pro and con list. The only problem was posting this publicly, but as I said, it wasn’t rude or inappropriate. But Conrad parachuted in and revoked the job offer saying,

Definitely not Zenefits….We really value people who “get” what we do and who *want* to work here, specifically. It’s not for everyone, but there are enough ppl out there who do want to work here that we can afford to be selective.

So, let me tell you why I think Conrad’s response was not brilliant in a good way, and what is wrong with the hiring process in general.

To keep reading, click here; Quora Flap Exposes What’s Wrong in the Hiring Process (or 5 Mistakes You’re Making When Hiring Millennials)

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9 thoughts on “Quora Flap Exposes What’s Wrong in the Hiring Process (or 5 Mistakes You’re Making When Hiring Millennials)

  1. Is it just millennials, though? Anymore, lots of people are taking to social media rather than just their peer network. I will say, however, that the CEO probably should not have replied online. Rescinding the offer is easy enough but to go online with what amounts to a snotty retort seems childish. This gives me the willies because of how vocal and visible it is all of a sudden . . .

    1. No. Not just Millennials, but to be honest, people click on and share articles with Millennials in the headline and since I’m paid by the hit at Inc…

  2. Zenefits’ “crime” is far worse than the engineer’s. Their display of their arrogant, God’s-gift-to-employees, mindset can — and should — cost them future valuable applicants. The engineer may have be naïve — not realizing that Zenefits would learn of his on-line question and/or overreact to it so vociferously — but now he knows better and can readily modify his behavior. Frankly, he is better off not working at such a place. It will probably be much more difficult — to impossible — for Zenefits to easily change its mind-control-type corporate culture.

      1. I would have picked Zenefits if the CEO didn’t respond, after weighing the options. OP clearly was leaving that way by how OP had written the Zenefits pros. Though at this point, not sure if this engineer wants to pick Uber either. What was a promising thing with two offers, is now tainted by the Zenefits CEO. No job is a slam dunk, I’ll take it when given two comparable offers. That CEO is just mad that that his branding isn’t working and its being held against them.

  3. Testify! As usual you are spot on Evil HR Lady, I am convinced nobody can tell it like it is the way you do.

    … And I am impressed you took on Business Insider, since so many take their word on such authority.

    Even if you had to include ‘Millenials’ in the title to add to its clickability (just so you know it’s not why I read it).

    Thank you for letting us know that Inc. pays by the click (I am sure everyone else does too.) Now that I am aware of that, I am not going to be responsible for paying them for everything they put up. I had a preview of this one pop – up after reading your article:

    5 Steps to a Millennial-Friendly Workplace

    …and the first piece of advice featured is:

    “Ditch the cubes”

    Are they insane?

  4. Five responses to work into your employment interview:

    (5) I am on-call 24-7 when my company is sick.
    (4) I think of other companies as competitors, not opportunities.
    (3) I don’t care about pay or working conditions. I only want to prove myself.
    (2) I have wanted to work for ThisCo since I was in high school.
    (1) I love my family, but work comes first. (From The Organization Man, a must read from 1956)

  5. Within the UK to combat the power of social media effect both company and personal branding of executives a number of organizations use “gagging” clauses in contracts. HR at its most dangerous.

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