Adapting to Gig Employment: Is It Right for Your Organization?

According to A Vision for the Economy of 2040, a report published by The Roosevelt Institute and the Kauffman Foundation, gig employment will make the American economy of 2040 “scarcely recognizable.” According to Freelancing in America: A National Survey of the New Workforce, published in 2014, 34 percent of American workers are already working gig jobs.

Large organizations have long used gig employees for special projects, but have often used the term consultant rather than gig; however, they are essentially the same thing. That said, adapting to gig employment is something that every organization should think about. Should your organization be on the lookout for freelancers? Is this the right way to hire for your organization? Should your organizational hiring strategy change?

Here is what you need to know to make the right choice:

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2 thoughts on “Adapting to Gig Employment: Is It Right for Your Organization?

  1. Yeah, this is really going to suck. Many many jobs don’t lend themselves to freelancing and the ones that do are being devalued right and left.

    Time to die, I guess, since I won’t have any healthcare and can’t afford to live after paying the self-employment taxes.

  2. There are so many articles out there on “can I dump employees and get contractors for cheap”. It is probably a better idea to put out an article on when it isn’t a good idea to switch employees for contractors.

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