When Working From Home Goes Hilariously Wrong

Political Scientist Robert E. Kelly was live, on the air, from his home, when his kids decided to see what dad was up too. What ensued is this hilarious clip with poor Dr. Kelly trying to talk about the very serious impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

First, the older daughter comes in, then the baby, and finally, a frantic mother trying to get the kids out.

I can relate. My kids are older (youngest is eight), but my eight year old snuggled up next to me while I was recording the Stacking Benjamin’s Podcast and started reading out loud in a loud whisper. Fortunately, we weren’t live, so host Joe Saul-Sehy can edit it. After I got him to leave, he decided that minute would be an excellent time to chop wood. Ahh, the joy of children, bang! bang! bang! (My kids have vacation this week. I do not.)

To see the video and read the rest of the article (the video is awesome), click here: When Working From Home Goes Hilariously Wrong

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4 thoughts on “When Working From Home Goes Hilariously Wrong

  1. Amusing, yes, but he needs to re-think how he handles this sort of disturbance in future.

    The older child is old enough to understand that when the door is closed she’s not to open it. But when the inevitable slip-up occurs, pushing her away doesn’t help and doesn’t endear Kelly to me.

    And the wife looks more like a subservient nanny than a beloved spouse.

    Sure, this is none of my business, but when you work from home you risk exposing your private life to the world. And I’d youre a creep with your family, it erodes your professional credibility.

    1. With all due respect, I think you’re off your rocker. I work from home and from time to time, I’ve had to do similar. I’ve had business calls locked in the bathroom to get away from children.

      The wife doesn’t look like a subservient nanny. She looks like a mom who had to pee and her kids made a break for it.

      It’s a hilarious video. The parents are awesome. The kids are awesome. End of story.

      1. I agree with Suzanne, I didn’t see this as a “subservient” wife or kids who should know better.

        What I saw was a father trying to do a videoconference in a room where he thought he wouldn’t be disturbed, a kid who hears voices and wonders who dad is talking to, a younger kid who is just following the older kid, and a frantic mom trying to remain out of view of the camera by hunkering down. Well, obviously, mom didn’t get that right; but, that is part of what makes this video so uproariously funny.

        Clearly, dad doing these videoconferences isn’t an everyday thing and he didn’t quite know how to react so he tried to remain “professional.” I didn’t see it as creepy at all. Funny as all get out, yes; but not at all creepy.

        And, yea, I’ve done teleconferences from home (no video yet, thank goodness for that!) and, no matter how much I plan, something will sometimes go wrong. Such as the UPS guy ringing MY doorbell because my neighbor isn’t home and he wants to know if he can leave the package with me (No problem, but, I wasn’t expecting someone at my door in the middle of my teleconference – if I had I would have planned better, such as leave a note for UPS). or the door-to-door preachers who insist on repeatedly ringing the door bell until someone answers. The worst was the day they decided to repave our parking lot – with jackhammers and all right outside my window! – when I was doing a 2 hour training session.

        I do hope that Dr. Kelly and family realize that most viewers of that video are not laughing AT them; but, truly laughing WITH them as it could have happened to any one of us.

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