Hosting a Successful Company Outing

Do you want to throw a party or an event for your staff? If you are going to go to the trouble, you want to make sure it will be successful. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time and money.

Over at Benefits Bridge, I give some tips and tricks for making an outing successful. To read, click here: Hosting a Successful Company Outing

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5 thoughts on “Hosting a Successful Company Outing

      1. I have discovered that my superpower is that I can see everyone else’s typos.

        Unfortunately, I cannot see my own, which is why I typed (and reviewed multiple times) the entire manuscript of my novel using “Christ” for “Chris.” My husband is most assuredly not the Second Coming.

  1. Even before I read it, I thought, “The most important thing is to have it during work hours! If it’s after hours, it’s still work but now it’s something I have to do instead of whatever I want to do when I am not at work.”

    (And I say that as someone who really, really likes her co-workers and adores her boss.)

    PPS It goes without saying that you do not

    1. Have an evening event to which partners are not invited and
    2. Charge your employees to attend an event AT YOUR HOME. Looking at you, VP at Ryder.

    1. I’m the opposite… An event during work hours is usually unwelcome, because it’s X hours in which I couldn’t get work done, and that means I’ll end up playing catchup.

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