Make New Hires Comfortable With a Welcome Package

New hires may be fabulous additions to your staff, but since they don’t even know where the bathrooms are, they need a lot of information on their first day. If you want your employees to be happy, there should be a great onboarding process. The Society For Human Resource Management found that at one organization, new employees who had a successful, organized and structured onboarding program were 69 percent more likely to stay at a job for at least three years.

Part of that program should be a new hires welcome page. Here are some things it should contain:

Summary Page With Dates

There are many things that are time sensitive, like when paperwork is due. Getting benefit information processed can be life and death for an employee, so make the date prominent in a cover page.

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3 thoughts on “Make New Hires Comfortable With a Welcome Package

  1. In my career experience, most companies have a three-step on-boarding process:

    1. There’s your desk
    2. Now get to work
    3. (There is no step 3)

    1. I know right? It’s very dull and unwelcoming and I feel like my workplace is a place meant for me to be a like a slave working for the sake of the company.

  2. I agree with an “orientation ” package for essential knowledge new people. Problem is how it is presented to them. As I have repeatedly stated, most employers don’t want to waste labor costs as it effects profits.
    Most places either require that a set of paperwork be ” read ” and signed prior to actual working at job. Here’s where the problem gets “iffy ” as most people really just glance over the paperwork and sign and then some months down the road complain about situations that were covered in detail in these papers.
    I know it’s overwhelming all the papers at start of a job and it seems redundant but I highly recommend these papers be read throughly. I used to have to train new employees at my job and would include in training referral to certain things they should have read in the paperwork ( paid holidays, time off requests, vacation and when paychecks are issued)
    Never assume that those important paperwork is read and understand. It is like those posters that have to be put up because of Labor requirements.

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