Are You a Leader or a Teacher (or Both)

Do you think of yourself as a leader, a mentor, a boss or a teacher? People who work outside of education don’t generally identify themselves as teachers. After all, teachers stand up in front of classrooms and give pop quizzes. What’s that got to do with the world of work?

A lot, actually. Leadership is important, but there is also a case to be made for teaching in the workplace—and I’m not talking about training. Managers and leaders who are also teachers focus not only on getting the information out there, but also ensuring that their students (employees) truly understand it.

The Difference Between a Leader and a Teacher

Lots of managers want to hire people who can jump in and get to work with little or no training. They expect to say, “We need to accomplish X,” and that their staff can figure out how to do that on their own. They provide overall guidance and make suggestions from time to time, but their focus is on the big picture. CEOs often fall into this category.

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