Artist Accuses LuLaRoe of Stealing Her Designs

People who would never sneak into their neighbor’s house and take their television set often have no problems stealing creative work.That’s exactly what multi-level marketing company LuLaRoe did with artist Micklyn Le Feuvre’s designs.

According to Mommygyver, Le Feuvre learned of this when a LuLaRoe representative noticed that Le Feuvre’s name was on the pattern. This wasn’t because of some trendy desire for Le Feuvre to plaster her name all over her work–it’s because that name was a watermark on the online version. Le Feurver told me she isn’t entirely sure which website LuLaRoe used to take her design, but her designs are available to be licensed–without the watermark.

I reached out to LuLaRoe to answer the allegations made at Mommygyver and received the following response from LuLaRoe:

LuLaRoe respects the IP of artists and others. LuLaRoe does its best, given the large number of designs, to police its products to ensure no copying has occurred. When copying is found, the person responsible is disciplined and may even be terminated. These efforts are on-going.

It may seem ridiculous that LuLaRoe can’t ensure no copying occurs before they go to production, but they claim they make 400 new designs every single day. And this isn’t the first time LuLaRoe has been accused of stealing designs.

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5 thoughts on “Artist Accuses LuLaRoe of Stealing Her Designs

  1. Ha!! 400 designs a day? Yep, they may have dozens of designers doodling on scraps of paper and they may generate 399 garbage patterns, but only 1 design will move into production. They can do their due diligence on one pattern per day.
    As mentioned, if LLR is demanding their designers to crankout ridiculous numbers of patterns every day, then they are creating an environment where quantity is more important that quality and that is asking for fraud.

  2. Don’t get me started on MLM. I read an article recently (probably the same one you did) about women not only becoming financially distressed, but emotionally distressed. I have no respect for any company who won’t invest salary and benefits into its sales force. Pyramid schemes have never worked long term, and prey on the late comers. There’s a reason they are illegal.

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