Have you heard of WannaCry, Cryptolocker or Cryptowall? These, and other malware, cause ransomware attacks. That’s where someone steals your data and holds it hostage. Your data is worth far more than your hardware, so it can put any business into a spin.

You may think it won’t happen to your business—you’re too small to have anyone pick on you—but you need to be prepared. It can happen to your business. A survey conducted by Spiceworks found that one in five small businesses experienced an attack, with an average ransom of $2,423. If it doesn’t happen to you, it will probably happen to someone you know. And your business is at risk.

Just What Is a Ransomware Attack?

Using malware—in other words, a virus—your data is locked or stolen and you cannot get it back unless you pay a ransom and, unfortunately, paying up doesn’t even guarantee your data back.

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