Want the Ideal HR Department? Follow This Recipe

So, you want to make the ideal HR department? There’s a recipe for that. It’s a little tricky and some of the ingredients have to be special ordered. But if you follow this recipe, you’ll get the HR department of your dreams.

Step One


1 cup administrative skills

1/2 cup recruiters, firmly packed

1 tablespoon onboarding

3 HR trainers, chilled


Blend these first three ingredients until smooth. It could take a while, as the recruiters may not want to blend with the administrative skills, but it’s necessary if you want candidates to have a smooth experience.

To get the rest of the recipe, click here: Want the Ideal HR Department? Follow This Recipe

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  1. Nice article using a cake making recipe as setting. What you did in this recipe was to include a very detailed explanation of how to achieve each step which most leave out both in verbal and written directions. Too bad every HR program doesn’t follow this recipe

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