Why I Just Blocked You on LinkedIn

Not less than 10 minutes ago, I blocked someone on LinkedIn.

I actually have an open door LinkedIn policy. If you want to connect with me, I’ll connect with you. The more the merrier, I say! If you want your LinkedIn account to only be people you know in real life, that’s great too and there are some advantages to that system. I support you one hundred percent in that decision.

But, even I, who will connect with anyone will block you for the following reason.

Begging for Help

Look, I help people. That’s actually what I do for a living. These articles are to help you get through your career. I answer hundreds of emails with specific questions, 90 percent of which don’t make it to publication. I live to help people with their careers.

But, the man I blocked today wanted help I couldn’t give him. He’s a recent graduate of a university in a far away country and he wanted my help getting a job in Switzerland. I can’t do that. I told him once, twice, three times, and he kept sending me messages and asking. So, I reiterated that I could not help him and if he asked again, I would block him. Two minutes later he requested help again, so now he’s blocked.

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One thought on “Why I Just Blocked You on LinkedIn

  1. Excellent comments, I have a small account myself on LinkedIn, mainly to keep abreast of the changing conditions in the business climate even though I am retired. Those who I know personally will contact me outside of site and sometimes I am asked to give a commendation on their skill set.
    But I have never used LinkedIn or viewed it as another social media site to keep in touch with people. I thought of it as a place to present yourself on a business site showing your job skills and background and you follow people whose skills you are looking to emulate or learn.
    I had a few past co-workers who would locate fellow workers on all social media sites just to see what they were up to and would comment. They tried to connect with me on LinkedIn and I refused to connect as they would add nothing to my account but problems. Perhaps because I am very selective with whom I follow or allow to follow, I have limited problems but I can see the possibility occurring even at LinkedIn because of the way people connect via the internet. People say and do things that would never have been done in a face to face situation.
    Sorry for the wordy comment but this wannabe old nerd felt it needed to be said.

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