Updating Insurance Based on Life Milestones

Life changes mean different health care needs. Accordingly, your employees may need help updating insurance coverage as they encounter new life milestones.

As open enrollment season is now underway, it’s a good time to sit down and talk with employees about any changes in coverage they may need as they hit certain life milestones. Here are some significant events to remind employees about:

Getting Married

If they’re getting married this year, will they want to add their spouse to your insurance plan? Or will they want to go on their spouse’s insurance? Many plans only allow individuals to add a spouse if the spouse has no insurance available through his or her employment, so double check if that’s part of your plan. Don’t let your employees turn down coverage because it’s cheaper to be added to their new spouse’s plan, only to find out that it’s not allowed.

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5 thoughts on “Updating Insurance Based on Life Milestones

  1. I have a question: When my wife worked part time, we chose all of our family health insurance on the plan from my employer. I paid extra for it, but it was less expensive than having my wife pay double since she was part time. Later on, she switched to full time and the plan at her work was the better choice due to better coverage and lower fees. The problem was the enrollment dates for each employer was different. My work would not let me opt out. Even though change of employment was a qualified condition, it had to be either new hire or termination. An increase in hours did not count. She always had the option of being insured, but we chose not to for economic reasons.
    I pointed out I would be in a double indemnity situation and should not have to double cover my family. Both policies forbid double indemnity. I was anxious neither would pay in the event of a claim. HR would not budge. What can you do in such a situation?

  2. Best way to handle this is to have a way for each employee to get an annual review of current healthcare insurance with a counselor ( not to pressure for a switch) in terms of needs for upcoming year. Like the situation mentioned in other comment where a choice could be made and how to handle transition period.
    As I see it, one should be evaluating other plans prior to the enrollment period. Biggest problem is getting costs that one is looking for discussed without having to commit to a specific insurance plan. During the year, there’s less pressure to enroll individuals so questions will be answered more directly.
    Getting around the terminology is a big step.

  3. I am 8 weeks and 5 days pregnant and my work has already started taking a toll on me. I am an HR-Officer despite which I am not being able to handle the cold shoulders. I have been going through the same dilemma…. I took time to read through all the comments ! And my pay and benefits are also quite handsome, but my boss is repeatedly asking me to quit. She is trying to sound as if she is only concerned about my health and the baby, but it is getting me stressed cause on the other hand she is asking me to work on weekends and for longer hours. I really wanted to complete my graduate studies but with a baby on the way is it a good time to quit and go for my further education? annuities

  4. We have disability insurance, and it really is one of those things that helps us sleep better at night. As you’ve pointed out, the odds of being disabled at some point are much higher than most people think they are. We feel much better knowing that we are protected in case something were to happen to either of us.insurance

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