Dilemma of the Month: Out-of-Office Socialization

I am the chief human resources officer of a startup and live with a fellow co-founder. Without telling me, he invited one of our interns over to our house for reasons unrelated to work. While they are just playing Pokémon, I feel I am in an awkward position. Is after-hours employee fraternization between a co-founder and an intern inappropriate, or am I just being extra cautious?

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2 thoughts on “Dilemma of the Month: Out-of-Office Socialization

  1. I know many startups are fond of setting cool trends. No chairs – we all sit on bean bags! Let’s have a slide instead of a staircase! Tear down the walls and we all work in one big room!

    But “The intern and founders should be equals!!” is not trendy or cool. It’s just a recipe for disaster.

  2. If history is significant in this area, friends and work don’t mix well ( like oil and vinegar), they don’t really blend without agitation. Even Facebook and Apple (as current history) lost friendships on the way to a successful enterprise. Friends aren’t the same as a family business where at least there’s an expectation to keep business running despite differences. Friends can sue a business into extinction.
    Great article

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