NFL Cheerleaders: Minimum Wage for a Job Where You Don’t Even Get to Pick Your Own Hair Color

Can you imagine a job where you have strict rules on what you can wear, what your hair color is, how much you weigh, and with whom you can speak? And with that job comes a minimum wage paycheck? And that women work very hard to get this job?

That would describe an NFL Cheerleader, according to an interview at The Daily with Former New Orleans Saints’ “Saintsation” cheerleader, Bailey Davis. Davis was fired for an Instagram post where she wore lingerie. Now, admittedly, it’s not a whole lot of clothes, but it’s actually more clothing than a lot of the uniforms Davis wore while dancing. It’s kind of hard to stomach the hypocrisy.

In an interview with the New York Time’s The Daily, Davis shared her story. How she dreamed her whole life of being a Saintsation, and worked towards that goal. And what the rules were when she achieved that.  Here are some highlights:

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9 thoughts on “NFL Cheerleaders: Minimum Wage for a Job Where You Don’t Even Get to Pick Your Own Hair Color

  1. Interesting post, with many valid points. However, those with absolutely no stake in organization in question should not be telling them what they can/should do. Unless an activity is illegal, we need to stop getting on our high horse and telling others what they should or should not do. The company sets the rules. They may be silly or outdated, but it is totally, 100%, without a doubt, up to the organization to determine exactly what the rules are. Getting and keeping any job requires following the rules of the organization. Don’t like it? Get another job. There a plenty of non-complainers who would love that job.

  2. Basically, there’s a “no fraternization” rule that applies to the female cheerleaders vis-à-vis the players, but not to the male players. I think it would be hard for an employer to articulate a legitimate, non-discriminatory, rationale for that policy.

  3. Without the headline, the first paragraph would have had me wondering if you were talking about Disneyland.

  4. One can only assume that, like Harvey Weinstein’s actresses, these women believe they are getting collateral benefits (publicity) that make the job worthwhile. They’re free adults; why should anyone else get to take that choice away from them?

  5. I feel like personally knowing an NFL Cheerleader may make me biased on this point but this is completely immoral. While yes, these individuals sign up for this position, it basically costs more to cheerlead then it does to not. The cost of traveling to the stadium, hair, makeup, clothing, etc. makes it very expensive yet time constrains do not allow them to get other jobs unless they have a flexible schedule. This needs to change.

      1. They do it because they love doing it. Just because something is not great now does not mean it can’t be. You need people to point out injustices or nothing will ever get better.

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