Are Economic Trends Affecting Talent Recruitment?

No matter how hard you work to control the environment within your organization, there are economic trends affecting talent recruitment. This means that HR leaders need to be keenly aware of what is going on to make necessary changes. So what changes do you need to make to your recruitment strategy when forces outside of your control take place?

Here are three examples that could help you decide:

1. An Oil Boom

Bloomberg reports that North Dakota saw a tremendous increase in jobs with the oil boom of a few years ago. HR personnel had to go outside the local area for workers, and there was also no housing available. The high demand for workers meant that pay was high, but housing was still scarce. In response, companies built housing for their workers. This meant that not only was HR recruiting and hiring, they were acting as landlords, a far cry from the typical day of a generalist.

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3 thoughts on “Are Economic Trends Affecting Talent Recruitment?

  1. Dear Evil –

    You write, “A large number of candidates can make hiring managers think they can find the “perfect” one. But this type of candidate doesn’t exist.” If only employers would accept this one concept, and if job seekers would only give up the notion that they can do anything, what a wonderful world this would be.

  2. IBM? Didn’t they recently tell their entire workforce to find an IBM office to report to every day or else find a new job?

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