10 Ideas to Keep Summer Employee Engagement High

When the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful, no one loves being cooped up in the office. Therefore, it makes sense that it can sometimes be difficult to maintain high levels of summer employee engagement.

It’s hard to work when you’d rather be outside or on vacation. But, work we must! So, why not do what you can to boost your team’s morale during the summer months? Here are 10 ways to help keep employees engaged even when they would rather be at the beach.

1. Create Summer Hours

What if you offered a half-day every Friday? Or every other Friday off? Summer hours are popular at many businesses, and worth considering, if possible.

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5 thoughts on “10 Ideas to Keep Summer Employee Engagement High

  1. Best suggestions was the one stating asking the employees what they would prefer to improve working during summer months, especially in businesses that still have to provide services no matter what time of the year. Yes, summer (warm weather) tends to make work less appealing but unless you have money, most of us need to work to support ourselves.

  2. C’mon Evil … really … ask the employees what they would like!? What’s next, asking them what you can do to make them more productive and make their lives easier? I mean, really?

    1. Yes, really! Of course seek input from employees! Are you really so dense you don’t realize happy employees treat customers far better than unhappy employees? Happy employees are more innovative than unhappy employees? No? Then, hopefully, you are no one’s boss. Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with how good and great organizations develop their vision, mission, and values – with input from employees. I know, what a concept – huh! Imagine an employee having worthwhile ideas and willingness to share them to improve service for customers and working environment for co-workers.

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