5 Ways to Beat that Afternoon Slump

Like clockwork, every afternoon you feel like you just need to lie down for a few minutes. There are biological reasons for this and some cultures still take advantage of the “siesta.”I’m a huge fan of naps myself.

But, if your business doesn’t allow you to snooze every afternoon, you’re going to need to beat that afternoon slump in a different way. Lots of us do this with caffeine, but that comes with its own problems.

Elin Ostman, associate professor at Food for Health Science Center, Lund University, and the director of nutrition at Good Idea gave me five ways to help beat that tiredness.

To read the five ways, click here: 5 Ways to Beat that Afternoon Slump

Give me your tried and true methods in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Beat that Afternoon Slump

  1. Forget the sparkling water or flavored sparkling water, both of which are carbonated and contain unnecessary sodium. A water cooler with a high-quality spring water — not the bottled tap water — is much healthier.

    1. Label reading is key. Some sparkling water doesn’t contain addd sodium.

      And there’s nothing wrong with carbonation per se.

    2. There’s a problem with a water cooler and it has to do with maintenance of the equipment and the water bottles themselves. Last thing an employer wants to do is create a petra dish from lack of sanitation.

      1. Well, then I guess they could offer the bottled spring water then, but — of course — that’s not as good for the environment.

      2. The machine aren’t that hard to clean, and it’s also easy to find vendors who will not only provide water but do that periodic cleaning/maintenance for you.

        1. As this thread indicates, people are going to gripe and argue no matter what free snacks are provided….

  2. My grandfather and father had day beds in their offices and took naps every day after lunch. It helped that it was a family business. This was pre computer and we had one of those giant noisy accounting machines whose use was prohibited during nap time.

    1. An elderly — 80-something — Professor Emeritus in Law School advised us to equip our offices with rowing machines upon which to work out and to take a nap of at least 20 minutes after lunch every day! I note that Arriana Huffington is also recommending workplace naps.

    2. An elderly — 80-something — Professor Emeritus in law school advised us to equip our offices with a rowing machine and to take a nap of at least 20 minutes after lunch every day.

  3. We have a counter outside my office that comes up to my mid-chest. My job is very reading heavy. Often I’ll stand at the counter and read, which helps a lot since I have no comfy chair to sink into or nothing to put my feet up on.

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