1. There was a statement about a complaint made on me the previous year. I’d never heard about it. I asked why she never told me about it and my boss then went on to say she didn’t put much stock in that person and had problems with them making complaints about her, too. Yet still, she wrote it on my appraisal.
  2. I was told I had far too much biased language in my analysis reports. I asked for examples. Was told to “go back and read through them and you’ll see what I mean”. I wrote one whole report that whole year. It was all financial figures and dates. But, yes, if I’m being truthful, I’ve always hated the number 9. I just didn’t realize how much it showed…
  3. The orders to smile and to be less direct in speaking turn up often in women’s evaluations. “Somebody said they didn’t like your facial expression” sounds suspicious too. Some of my female coworkers used to joke with me about getting “you need to be more direct” and “you need to be less direct” on alternating years’ evaluations because one can’t be appropriately assertive and still be unthreateningly demure in some offices.

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