My CEO Is Forcing Me to Resign

I was recently told I must resign and my CEO asked me how much time I will need to do so. I feel that this is being done due to discrimination on the basis of my ethnicity and sex. However, the evidence I have is fairly minimal.  Would you recommend I send a complaint to HR even though I don’t have strong evidence to support the claim?


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4 thoughts on “My CEO Is Forcing Me to Resign

  1. Technically if you view the statement from the CEO in a PC view, that was a form statement of firing. But as the article states, the ball is in the employee’s hands. But any actions recommended should be done ASAP because based on the situation, that position is being eliminated, so leave on your terms with money and ending package in hands.

  2. I have worked for 5 CEOs in 3 different companies. Regardless of what is right or wrong, if the CEO wants someone to leave, that employee should leave; otherwise, your life will be hell. Tell the CEO you need at least 6 months to find a job, you require severance pay/separation package, and begin an aggressive job search immediately.

  3. I was badgered for 8 months to resign: yelled at during 1-on-1s, threatened with demotion, threatened with performance improvement plans. My second job offer was good enough to accept, a nice step up. I accepted, and gave 2 weeks notice (though I was tempted to just “ghost”!!)

    Four months after I left the company, it announced the closure of the division that accounted for one-third of the company. Would severance have been nice or better? The world may never know…

  4. Without getting into the specifics of possible discrimination, under normal circumstances, a CEO (or any boss) asking someone to resign and asking how long they need is, in my view, kinder than an outright firing. It gives the person time to plan and look for another job. You can say six months and do a heavy job search. Otherwise, you could just be fired that day and without a source of income.

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