Managing Employee Absenteeism the Best Way

Managing employee attendance is easy enough when you have responsible people that only take time off when needed. And you want to encourage people to call in sick when they are unwell so that no one else catches whatever bug is going around.

You need a rock-solid absenteeism policy, and here is what to put in it.

Sufficient Paid Time Off 

Wait! Aren’t we trying to maximize the time people are at work? Not exactly. What we want to do is instill responsibility in our workforce and minimize managing employee absenteeism. If you don’t allow your employees to take time off for vacation, they aren’t going to skip their sister’s wedding; they are simply going to call in sick.

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One thought on “Managing Employee Absenteeism the Best Way

  1. Interesting article, especially the last part concerning documentation, which falls in the part of the job duties of paperwork that tends to be lax when really needed. We all hate to do unnecessary paperwork, but this documentation is important. How else would you be able to notice a trend in absentees concerning key times needed for business? A company does hire employees for certain positions based on their skills and also expects employees to be available to work at needed key times of business. Any special needs are usually addressed at the start of hire (needing Sundays off). What also needs to be addressed is what happens when the hire availability of the employee changes after the “probationary” period. Having a strong policy in place concerning how to request time off helps tremendously against abuse. Yes, you want to encourage people to take the vacation and personal time off but you the employer needs to ensure that your business needs are covered also and by not documenting every request time off however minor you may not have the coverage needed.

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