How HR Can Use Performance Reviews to Help the Whole Company

It’s not hard to understand why an increasing number of companies are choosing to do away with annual performance reviews: according to one study, over 94 percent of employees would prefer their manager address feedback in real time rather then wait until the end of the year.

But annual performance reviews aren’t all bad. Formal ratings provide a macro-view of performance and engagement levels across the company. If the results of any group (department, experience level, etc.) stick out—it can indicate a bright spot or potential problem worth looking into.

And that isn’t the only benefit of an annual performance review. They key to their success is to utilize them not just at year-end but throughout the year, as well.

Here are three ways to use your performance reviews to ensure your employees have the skills they need to succeed.

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2 thoughts on “How HR Can Use Performance Reviews to Help the Whole Company

  1. Are these performance reviews based on a standardized expectation or based on how the individual performance utilization within a diameter? Basically what I am referring to is how much is the individual impact on that performance review, or is the performance review of how the overall company performed. If viewed by individual impact, then the performance review will help.

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