Moving Up to a Coworking Space

When your organization is small enough and the work can be done remotely, it might not seem worth dragging your employees to one central location — especially considering the cost of leasing a private office.

And, conveniently, employees generally love telecommuting. Globally, 70% of professionals work from home at least one day per week, and 20% work remotely regularly.

That said, only interacting with your colleagues through a screen can get a little lonely, and there are some real advantages to spending time with other humans. Is it time for your business to explore the benefits of coworking spaces?

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One thought on “Moving Up to a Coworking Space

  1. “Are your employees happy and productive in their home offices?” Definitely happy– because I’ve got zero commute, unless you count my morning circumnavigation of the park as “commuting.” I’d only consider a shared space if it had great coffee, and was 10 minutes or less from my house

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