3 Ways the Coronavirus Has Changed Your Workplace for the Better

Chances are, your organization made massive changes due to Coronavirus shelter-in-place and other orders. Some of them should be temporary, but some of the changes should be permanent. Let’s look at a few things that have changed.

Destigmatized Working From Home 

Jobs that a month ago, managers said could not possibly be done remotely, are now being done from home. While exact numbers aren’t available, it is undoubtedly opening managers’ eyes to what truly can be done remotely and what needs to be done on-site. 

Companies should take note of future Americans with Disabilities Act requests for reasonable accommodations. Working from home can be a reasonable accommodation, and businesses will have a hard time arguing that working in the office is always required when it’s not required right now.

Working at home today can impact your business for years to come. Some organizations will learn that they can operate just fine with most people working remotely. Some will discover that things really do work better when they are in the office. Likewise, some employees will rejoice in their 30-second commutes, and others are counting down the days when they can get back to the office.

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4 thoughts on “3 Ways the Coronavirus Has Changed Your Workplace for the Better

  1. Hi, I have a question about one section. In “the government is waiving the in-person requirement and allowing verification “over video link, fax, or email, etc.” This is set in place temporarily until May 20, 2020,” why do you say “but hopefully, it will stay that way.”?

    Thank you,

    Ms. HR

    1. Because so much of the country’s workforce can be remote. This alleviates the paperwork headaches for hiring remote workers.

  2. Here’s to the return of the three martini (“quarantini”) lunch!

  3. I like working in the office (mostly because long periods of unemployment suck and I am sick of being at home), but the option to WFH is great when you’re too sick to go in but can still do things. Or if you have a repair person coming. Or if you’re in another state entirely (someone in CA please hire me and pay me enough to move there kthxbai).

    And I’m very glad you mentioned disabled workers. The things we’re doing now, they have been requesting for a very long time. There really is no excuse anymore to blow them off.

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