It’s Never Been More Important to Hire People with People Skills

Everyone needs people skills.

We all accept that (even though there are plenty of jobs that require minimal contact with other humans), but what does it mean? And what skills do we need in today’s climate? Technical skills, of course, vary across jobs and industries, but people skills are transferable. And workplaces talk about them a lot, but can they define them? Here are a few descriptions that can help companies get a better feel for what people skills look and sound like:

People skills are associated with manners, time management and influence. These are basic traits that everyone needs—even if you’re hired to be a hermit. Regardless of your industry or job, people skills impact your ability to thoughtfully listen, make decisions and create a warm and friendly environment.

Now that I’ve defined what people skills are, here are a few of them that are important to have—now more than ever: 

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2 thoughts on “It’s Never Been More Important to Hire People with People Skills

  1. Gee! Writing a message and using emojis for a moment I thought you were referring to text messages, but there’s a vast difference between those two forms of communiction. Emails fall under a more formal method of expressing oneself, but a degree lower than formal writing. Since when one writes/types an email, you are confined to the Querty symbols which don’t have pictures, you can only use the punctuation symbols on the keyboard. You also need to be careful as to where you are sending the email in the cc section and what you are puting in the subject heading. I am glad to see some version of formal writing is finally getting back into focus. As for emojis, I am still on the fence on that.

  2. Alas, another article that, once again throws many, many people with HFA/PDD-NOS/Asperger’s under the bus.

    It’s almost like not only do people not want to hire us, it’s like they don’t want us to be hired.

    Doesn’t matter if you are talented, work smart, or whatever. If you are not “normal”, and can’t claim ADA, you don’t get a second look, much less a first hire.

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