My Employee Is Lunching With a Player. Should I Warn Her?

I’ve noticed one of my employees, “Julia,” eating lunch frequently with another manager in a different department, “Greg.” There are no rules against dating across departments, but I know this manager. He’s been through multiple women, and it all ends badly, and she quits. I don’t know if anyone has ever filed a sexual harassment charge against him, but I doubt it. As far as I know, the relationships are consensual. I told my employee to make sure she eats with a variety of people as it looks bad to always be with Greg, but she’s ignoring it. I’m trying to save her from a bad mistake. What should I do here?

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5 thoughts on “My Employee Is Lunching With a Player. Should I Warn Her?

  1. I am assuming that this friend is at the same level position as the one who asked this question. so this is what I would add to what the EvilHR lady posted. When this Greg person gets to the point where he dumps the relationship, this friend needs to be there to support their friend and hopefully encourage the friend not to quit. There’s probably something about this Greg person, that upper corporate management finds more valuable, and allows these situations (which probably come close to harassment ) to continue undisciplined. There was no mention of the job description of the friend or what this company does, but no one should have to leave a job because they no longer are continuing a personal relationship if they are still capable of doing the job. This is just another reason to leave close personal relationships outside the workplace.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree with your advice. The manager already went too far in warning the employee “that it looks bad to always be with Greg.” It makes me wonder if the manager has more than a professional interest in the employee, and considers Greg a rival of some sort. At any rate, the manager needs to heed your advice, and back off, and hope that Greg doesn’t learn about the warning he gave the employee.

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    Agree with EHRL’s advice, here. Honestly, if you think Gregg is really a bad actor, you should be taking that up with management.

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