How to Write a Letter of Employment

If you want to buy a new house, rent a new apartment, or do something else that depends on your income, you may need a letter of employment. Sometimes your HR manager will write these for you, but sometimes it will be up to you to write the letter. It’s possible that you will sign your own letter, or you may get someone from HR or management to sign it. Regardless of who signs, you will need the contact information of someone other than you who can verify the information.

What Is A Letter Of Employment?

A letter of employment explains and verifies your current job. Sometimes your lenders may ask you for a W-2 that shows your past income, but this shows your current income and employment status.

While it may seem overwhelming if you have to write this up, it’s really quite a simple process, and unless the requester has weirdly specific requirements, you won’t have to take much time to write it up!

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4 thoughts on “How to Write a Letter of Employment

  1. Hi Evil —

    I don’t understand the date (in this case “January 12, 2021”).

    Is this the date of the letter, the date employment began, the employment “as of” date, or what?

    Would it be better to write something like, “I began my employment on [this date] and am currently employed as of [this date]?

    1. Great question…when I write these (I’m in HR), I put it similarly, but with explanation. So it might look like this…

      Dates of Employment: March 15, 2018 to present
      Position: Office Manager
      Pay Rate: $20/hour
      Standard Hours: FT, 35 hours per week

  2. Ooh, thank you. I will need this info when I get a job since I’ll also need to find an apartment. I’m hoping it’s appeared now because it’s all about to happen! *fingers crossed*

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