Wynter: HR People Needed for Paid Panel

Wynter, a target customer feedback tool, is looking for people to join its HR panel.
Participate in messaging research surveys and get paid for your feedback and comments ($90 to $800/hr).
It takes ~1-15 min to be part of one survey. Super low time commitment.

See what some of our panelists are saying:

– “I love sharing my expertise with others and sharing my feedback. I also love the payout.”
– “I like to see new products and experiences before the others and give my opinion on them.”

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3 thoughts on “Wynter: HR People Needed for Paid Panel

  1. is this real? 90/hr to fill out a survey seems too good to be true. 800/hr seems far too good to be true

  2. I’m a Wynter panelist. My last survey was $30 for ~10 minutes of work. The payout was prompt & no hassle. Are you going to get rich? No, but it’s a nice little side hustle.

  3. I’ve done a few surveys with Wynter. I’d say I get them every three months or so. No issues with payout, surveys are typically quick to complete, and they are able to be completed easily on my phone, which is nice. I just did one last week that took about 10 minutes, got my $30 payout yesterday.

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