Talent Acquisition Ranks Among Highest Risks to Businesses

Talent acquisition is increasingly becoming a matter of risk management.

A new survey of business leaders by PwC reveals that talent acquisition and retention rank second (at 38%) among cited risks to their business (right behind more frequent and/or broader cyber attacks, at 40%). Indeed, the ability to recruit is a more serious concern for executives than rising production costs (34%), supply-chain disruptions (34%), Covid (25%), and other issues.

Only 30%of executives find the recession concerning. (In contrast, 69% of Americans worry about a recession, according to a Bankrate survey.)

Additionally, PwC found that 63% of leaders (up from 56% in January) have changed or are planning to change processes to address labor shortages. On the one hand, companies are laying off people. On the other, there’s a puch by organizations to automate and increase technology to reduce employees.

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