The One Way to Recruit Moms, According to the Evil HR Lady

Francesca Di Meglio interviewed me over at HR Exchange. It was a fun conversation where I shared some ideas about

  • Why daycare benefits don’t have desired long-term retention effects
  • Why you need to think outside the box when targeting moms
  • Why working at home isn’t for everyone

Hop over and give it a read.

2 thoughts on “The One Way to Recruit Moms, According to the Evil HR Lady

  1. Unfortunately, these ideas discussed in the interview are only for jobs that are classified as “white-collar”/office-type jobs. What needs to be addressed is assistance in helping women who work in other fields of work, I won’t list the large number of jobs, but these jobs are in fields of work where job sharing is not a viable option plus these women also need to keep working to keep the income. This is part of the inequality facing women who work, the assumption that ALL the childcare is ONLY the woman’s role in life and anything else doesn’t matter. Men are never really given the effect on their career that childcare makes. Fix that issue should be the priority.

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