The Lowdown on Today’s Hiring Slowdown

A multitude of organizations — from David’s Bridal (9000 positions) to McDonald’s (less than 1,000) to Amazon (27,000) — have been laying people off this year. As such, it’s not surprising that hiring is slowing, as well.

Meanwhile, non-farm payroll increased by 236,000 in March, which may seem like a lot, but there were 472,000 and 326,000 new jobs in January and February, respectively. Point is, hiring fluctuates and is right back in line with how it looked in March 2019, when roughly 228,000 new jobs were added.

So whereas there were huge hiring spikes as pandemic freezes lifted and  people began getting back to work, things are now leveling off.

Still, while overall hiring has slowed, it’s not a universal slowdown.

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One thought on “The Lowdown on Today’s Hiring Slowdown

  1. There’s no lull in hiring in today’s world, merely a change in the type of openings available. So depending on the type of job, there are highs and lows. Retail jobs have predictable seasonable variations, depending on the “expected” sales period. These retail jobs are always hiring. Blue-collar ( jobs that require physical labor) always have hiring shortages despite the ever-growing need, but the younger workers are less inclined to physical labor having been raised in a technology world. Right now, the tech world and white-collar workers are facing layoffs, which all other jobs have when employers start to view labor costs by dollars and start to trim the excess workforce redundancy. There was never a real reason for extra staffing to do data entry code work with no time restrictions. Welcome to the reality of jobs

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