I often write about HR screw-ups. There are plenty of them, for sure. But in reality, no one goes to Reddit to praise how smoothly their HR manager handled an investigation. Good HR goes unrecognized because people don’t even realize what HR did in a situation. They just know that everything is fine.

So when I find good HR in the wild, I feel obligated to share it with you.

I apologize for the tweet rather than the original Reddit post, but it got taken down on Reddit. The Tl;dr is this.

A 27-year-old male has the hots for a coworker, Mai. He asks her own. She says no. He asks her out again. She says no. Finally, she says knock it off and to leave her alone. He takes revenge by being cold to her. The woman uses a combination of a wheelchair and cane to get around. She falls down and needs help. He walks past her and drives off, leaving her in the parking lot.

The result? He’s suspended.

I’m proud of HR here. While you probably don’t have a policy saying, “If you see your coworker is in the parking lot and needs physical help, you must help,”  you don’t need a policy for everything. I suspect in this situation, when Mai finally got help, she complained about the OP and told the whole story of him harassing her.

Because repeatedly asking someone out is harassment.

Oh, I know it’s what all rom-coms thrive on. But this is 2023, and no means no. And if say no to someone because you want to play hard to get, well, that’s on your head.

The harassment plus the absolutely terrible behavior of leaving a coworker in that situation is certainly enough to terminate someone. He suspects he will be terminated and is looking for a new job. I hope he quits himself. It’s always easier when bad people remove themselves from your presence.

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One thought on “When HR Does it Right

  1. I can see why he deleted the post. The comments would not be kind when he’s in the wrong on absolutely *every* level, starting with (trying to be) violating company policy on employees dating.

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