Is Artificial Intelligence Adopting Recruiting’s Worst Practices?

AI is taking over recruiting and making everything better. Or AI is taking over recruiting and making everything worse. Note this recent post from Reddit’s r/recruitinghell:

“Recruiter admitted today he cannot find anyone to hire because companies are rejecting all the qualified candidates based on AI

“Had a call today with a hiring manager at a large pharma company who said “We have tons of openings for X, but there are no available candidates for X because we can only hire people who have a very, very specific type of experience with [sic] is non-existent. Meanwhile we have lots of qualified people with related skills which are directly transferable, but I’m not allowed to hire them. So I have a ton of unfillable openings.”

Contrary to the poster’s headline, this is not a problem with AI. This is a problem with the recruiter’s supervisor. If you tell the AI (or the standard Boolean search) that you need skill Y, which is transferable, then you’ll find people.

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2 thoughts on “Is Artificial Intelligence Adopting Recruiting’s Worst Practices?

  1. Wonderful article and insights.

    ESPECIALLY, “Contrary to the poster’s headline, this is not a problem with AI.”

    Also, I read through the referenced articles, very informative (however, the article about auto-rejecting 29,000 applicants is from 2012, which is like medieval times in this day and age).

    AI is here to stay, and is only going to become more and more embedded and influential as time goes by.

    We used to say doing something was like putting the cart before (in front of) the horse.

    I think with AI we may soon be saying that the cart is leading the horse.

  2. This stuff makes me nuts. There are, as you point out, some real issues. But if we spend all our time an energy blaming AI for stuff that has nothing to do with AI, we wind up not having the attention and resources to look at the real problems. And also, it becomes an issue of the boy who cried wolf. By the third of 4th time someone yells about the evils of AI in hiring, people are just tuning it out, unless the first couple of times had SOME merit. Stupid rules, unicorn level qualifications, rudeness, ghosting, etc. are all issues that predate AI by at least a decade (or more). Sure, those things need to stop. But that’s true regardless. And I don’t see any evidence that any of these things are more likely with AI than without, either.

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