Is AI Removing the Candidate From Candidate Experience?

Recently, Wired reported on an individual who used AI software to apply for jobs. The article cited how Julian Joseph use a bot, perhaps appropriately named LazyApply, to submit applications for roles, pointing out:

“After Joseph paid $250 for a lifetime unlimited plan and installed LazyApply’s Chrome extension, he watched the bot zip through applications on his behalf on sites like LinkedIn and Indeed, targeting jobs that matched his criteria. Thirsting for efficiency, he installed the app on his boyfriend’s laptop, too, and he went to bed with two computers furiously churning through reams of applications. By morning, the bot had applied to close to 1,000 jobs on his behalf.”

LazyApply eventually completed 5,000 applications for Joseph, as a result of which he got 20 interviews. That’s a terrible return rate, but perhaps not so much when you consider that the approach is much more efficient than manually filling out applications.

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One thought on “Is AI Removing the Candidate From Candidate Experience?

  1. Probably not the smartest use of AI… I wonder how he will attend all those interviews (presuming he gets any).

    The future will be interesting for sure – we will have AI assessing, screening, interviewing and hiring itself with minimal human interaction!

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