Join Jeff Nowark for 9 hours of ADA!

Last call if you want to spend three days and nine hours with Jeff Nowak next week learning all about the A-D-A! I have signed up and am very excited!

Jeff says:

Can’t join us live on March 5, 6 and 7? NO WORRIES! If you register now, the recording of the session will be available for 90 days afterward!

Get all the info, detailed agenda and registration link here:

In this interactive, three-day (nine-hour) training course, I will help you master the critical components of the Americans with Disabilities Act and become more comfortable with managing an employee with a medical condition.

Dare we say, the course might even get you a wee bit excited about implementing #ADA accommodations in the workplace!

In this ADA #MasterClass, I will use case studies and a bit of humor to help you master the ADA from beginning to end! Ditching the legalese, I also will highlight a TON of case law developments that impact how you implement reasonable #accommodations, enforce #attendance policies and issue discipline, make medical inquiries of your employees, ask #interview questions without stepping in it, and ensure your employee’s #fitness for duty.

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