Dell’s remote work ultimatum: is it the right decision?

Good news for Dell employees! If they like their remote jobs, they can keep their remote jobs!

They just won’t be considered for any promotions or internal transfers.

While you may be shocked at this, it’s simply Dell saying the quiet part out loud.

We know that CEOs want people in the office. We also know that CEOs want to make profits. Lots of people think that these two things are incompatible, but I’m not convinced by the numbers that insist productivity is higher at home. It certainly is higher for some people – there’s no doubt to that. But it certainly is lower for some people as well.

It’s weird that people assume CEOs are just ignoring reality because they want to control people. It makes much more sense that CEOs see something the rest of us don’t see.

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2 thoughts on “Dell’s remote work ultimatum: is it the right decision?

  1. I think this is just part of the acceptance of using remote work to replace in-house workers for office-type positions because remote work can usually be done anywhere. What people don’t seem to understand is that these remote jobs are today’s version of what we called in the older days –the office pool of workers who all did very similar jobs–a job that just needed a body who didn’t mind doing work that was just type of job, with no multi-tasking involved. Great job earning money but no fast track to that corner office position, as you had to be more involved with the business plan. The best way I can show the difference is to use the example of Donna on Suits and how she got herself promoted to a higher better-paid position–she got out of that office pool. Remote work is a guaranteed earning position but not a position to have if you intend to pursue a corporate position.

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