What’s Wrong With an Open-Concept Office?

The CEO decided to have an open-concept workspace, with hoteling tables (that is, no one has their own dedicated workspace) and conference rooms for confidential meetings. He says all the data shows it is great for collaboration, and because we are a hybrid office, it makes sense to have no set desks as people aren’t in every day. The staff is now in a complete uproar and coming to me, the HR director (I also do not have my own office). Help!

To read my answer, click here: What’s Wrong With an Open-Concept Office?

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2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With an Open-Concept Office?

  1. My last company moved to an open office plan. Except for the senior management team, they still had private offices…. That went over poorly. Everyone hated the open offices, it was impossible to concentrate or have a quiet, private conversation (just love the open concept for HR – NOT!), or avoid any bug that was going around. I will never again take a job in an open concept office. I can’t work like that….

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