Where was I 5 Years Ago?

by Evil HR Lady on February 29, 2012

I won’t even begin to talk about where I think I’ll be in 5 years, other than to say, I have no idea. If you had asked me 5 years ago, where I thought I would be, I would have said that I would most likely still be working for the same company (I had a fabulous job) albeit in a different role.

5 years ago I was handling layoffs for a major pharmaceutical company. I worked 20 hours a week in a job share arrangement with a fabulous job share partner. The company was in the midst of an outsourcing, which was going to include a large portion our responsibilities, although we would definitely be retained. (My job share partner and I were geniuses, I tell you. Okay, we were very good at what we did and we had all sorts of mad skillz which made no one want to lose us. How do I know that? By the very fact that we were in a job share situation in the first place. Plus, part of our job was to review all HR increases and performance ratings. I knew where we stood.)

I was also blogging. Very regularly, it turns out. I started looking through my history and boy did I amuse myself back then. I was posting anonymously and I think it gave me a bit more confidence to say what I really thought. (Some of you are thinking, as if you don’t say it now? Well, I do, but now I use bullet points, which somehow softens the effect.)

Well, that outsourcing didn’t occur. We transferred (as a pair!) to the Labor and Employment Law department (best move, ever), and then we both had babies. Not at the same time. We wisely timed our pregnancies so the other one could cover during maternity leaves. (I told you, we were awesome employees.)

My perceived 5 year plan was humming along smoothly.

Then my husband got a job offer in Switzerland. In the same week a bigger pharma company swooped in and bought the company I worked for. (Trust me, it was a swoop and it was a huge shock for everyone except for the CEO and a couple of his buddies.) We took this as a further sign that now was the time for me to leave and move to Switzerland.

They have chocolate in Switzerland, you know. Also cheese. And this:

photo by Flickr user knickinoptic

That’s a parade, not some sort of mob scene. Also they have this:

Flickr user Kaeferchen61


Which is also a parade, but doesn’t involve fire. Just candy and confetti. Lots of confetti. When you get home from this parade you are likely to have confetti in your underwear.

They also have this:

Flickr user Garaigoikoa

And this:

Flickr user Ed Coyle Photography

So, how could I say no?  (You wouldn’t either. Trust me.) And off we went, and there went my 5 year plan out the window.

And so that’s why, if you ask me what I’ll be doing in 5 years, I’ll respond, “I don’t even know what continent I’ll be living on in 5 years!”

Which probably wouldn’t go over well in a job interview.

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