My boss went behind my back

by Evil HR Lady on November 2, 2012

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I am the manager of a department within a small company. I manage groups of outside consultants and have one direct report who works for the company. Our company is growing rapidly, and as a result my report and I putting in a lot of overtime. I have spoken to my directors a couple of times about getting another report and the importance of downtime.

After a couple of “no, we don’t have the budget” answers over the last few months, I was told today that I would be getting a new report. Good news, right? Yes, however, this new report has been interviewed and offered the job without me having a chance to meet him. I had been involved in all other interview processes when hiring past reports. I suspect this employee is a friend of one of the directors.

One of my concerns is that our personalities will not be a fit (I know, I’ll just have to deal with this either way). My biggest concern is that after many years of being involved in the process of hiring, I was left in the dark.

To read the answer click here: My boss went behind my back.

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